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Daily Challenge Blog #16: Who Nu?

Dia duit, Selena.


Omg,I just realized that you can insert videos from Nico Nico Douga here.


Oh yes.








What, you expected to see a video? Nah.


I'll use it eventually. Maybe. If I feel like it.


I might post a rant today, if I feel like it. I REALLY want to do one on Nickelodeon. They've been getting on my nerves A LOT recently.


I rarely even watch Nickelodeon anymore. I mostly stay on Cartoon Network. Unless they're playing one of those straight-to-DVD Scooby Doo movies. Then I'll just watch Steven Universe On Demand or something.


Have I ever mentioned how much I love SU? Oh, wait. I haven't. I just returned yesterday. Haha, I knew that.


ANYWAYS, Steven Universe is one of my favourite cartoons now. (Rebecca Sugar, ilu.) It's so colourful. It has amazing and lovable characters, a great atmosphere, great songs, diversity, everything about it. It's really silly and fun, but it also has it's serious moments. Like the episode Too Many Birthdays. It was so sad ;^:




My grandma voted today. I got a sticker that says "Future Voter". Ye.


I wish I could show you, but I can't, because I can't use my webcam. My laptop won't let me. It's not because of parental controls either, cause I'm logged on under my grandma's account.


I have Windows 8, that probably explains it.


The picture would look bad, anyways, All grainy and low quality. I swear to god, laptop makers can do everything else BUT they can't make a decent webcam to save their lives.


Speaking of God, I'm Agnostic. IDK, I thought that was necessary to put out there. U and me is freins, Selena. Freins tell eachother frein things.


I used to be Atheist, but a lot of work goes into being Atheist. Not that I'm too lazy to be it. I mean, yeah, I'm lazy to a certain degree, but I'm not THAT lazy.


But, I mean, when you're Atheist, you have to really prove that you don't believe in God. I believe (to some extent), but I just don't really care at the moment. It's not a fundamental part of my life. But, IDK. I got the rest of my life ahead of me. This isn't permanent. It might be in the future, but not now.


So, yeah. Fun fact about IrishMafia. Who knew?


Wait, wasn't that the slogan for a brand of cookies?




I nu it.


HAHHAHA I'M FUNNY //shot dead forever//


Soft and chewy. Mmm.


i love soft and chewy cookies. Specifically Chip's Ahoy! brand. The only problem is that they're so tiny. But that's how they get you. They make their product small, so you'll finish them faster, and then you'll crave more, and if you have no self-control like I do, you eat more, and more, and more, until you end up eating the whole package in two days, and then you go to the store and buy another package, and the vicious cycle continues.


Damn you.


Speaking of rich bastards trying to trick you to get more money, here's another fun fact!




Do you see that? The print that says "AUG 2009"?


That's the best by date, or the expiration date. I'm sure you're familiar.


It's a lie.


Well, if it's printed on a can of food, it is. Canned food cam actually last years, they just put that on there so you'll go out and buy more.


Most of you probably knew that, but whatever. Fun facts are cool. Here's another fun fact:


The horn of a narwhal isn't actually a horn at all, it's the left tooth.




//shot again//


Well, this is already significantly longer than most of my other entries. Good. I'm up to 3322 characters. 3339. 3345. 3351.


I haven't made an entry this long since the Xbox One rant I made last Summer. Man, that seems so long ago.


Speaking of, Boston Guns isn't dead.


Looking back on those two chapters, they weren't bad, but they weren't that good either. I've definitely improved, that's for sure. I'll post chapter 3 soon, hopefully. It all depends on how lazy I'm feeling. I'm a lazy person. Don't judge.


I can feel you judging.






So, you know that story I posted back in November with the personified holidays? Yeah, me and my friends made a fandon for that. It's called the Personifitation Fandom, the name made unintentionally by one of my friends who mispronounced it. It has ten sectors:


1. Restaurants (Main ship is McKing, or McDonald's x Burger King, a gay couple)

2. Drink brands (Main ship is Cocpsi, or Coca Cola x Pepsi, also a gay couple)

3. Instruments (Main ship is Vitaur, or Violin x Guitar, straight couple)

4. Math Concepts (Main ship is Piau, or Pi x Tau, straight couple. Based off of a comic that I'm planning to make.)

5. Foods (Main ship is Jenilla, or Jelly donut x Vanilla donut, straight couple. This is the ship that started the whole personifitation fandom.)

6. Holidays (Main ships are Thanksgiving x Valentine's Day and Christmas x New Year's, both straight)

7. Days of the week (Main ship Fronday, or Monday x Friday, straight couple)

8. Stores (Main ship Walget, or Walmart x Target, gay couple)

9. Shoes (Main ship Heelverse, or High heels x Converse. Lesbian couple)

10. Music genres (No main ship really, this sector was made by my Bff, and it's a project we're working on together with a few other friends. Mostly gay/bi couples with a few straight ones sprinkled in)


Wow, that was a long list. It's a good reference, though.


The Pi X Tau thing is, like I said, based off of a comic I'm making. It's about Pi, a seventeen year old girl, who was made in a place called Variable Labs and has superhuman powers. Mostly energy blasts and flying (although flying drains her power fast.). She was made by the Mathematician (he has a name but I haven't come up with one yet), and his disciple, the Assisstant. (CREATIVE NAMES WHOOOO) She has two brothers. Phi, who's a year older than her, and Fibonacci, who's two years older than her and is locked up in another lab in the city. In the first act, Phi unwillingly destroys the lab, causing Pi to flee. They go to find Fibonacci and a lot of other stuff happens.


Did that sound confusing? I think it sounds confusing.


As if you couldn't tell, that characters are based off of math concepts. The Irrationals are Pi, Phi, Fibonacci, Omega, Tau, Root 2, One Third, e and i. As you might be able to tell, I tried to limit myself to irrational numbers. Ifinity comes around in Act 3, too.


IDK. I got the idea from an RP I had back in 2012. I really like it. I usually don't stay with ideas for long, but this one really... Speaks to me. Idk.


I'm gonna go now, because this is really long. I tried to keep it interesting. Meh.


Beannacht, Selena!




If at first you don't succeed, fail five more times before succeeding.