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Daily Challenge Blog #14: I Complain Too Much

Hola, Selena.








Today is Halloween! Are you guys going Trick or treating?


I am! I'm going as Terezi from Homestuck.


If you don't know who Terezi is or what Homestuck is, here:


There you go.


Your welcome.




I'm going trick or treating with my bff, my 3 other friends, my bff's little sister, and her cousin.


God, I hate dislike her cousin.


She's only ten, but she acts like she's 15. She judges people too much, she's a tattletale, she thinks she's all that, she's a sore loser and a sore winner, she's SO rude, and the list goes on and on and on.


Time to stop complaining IrishMafia XD


Today is the second year anniversary of my Flipnote Hatena account.


If only, you know, it didn't shut down.




I'm not going to use Flipnote 3D's hatena. Or, I might not, that is. I'm still not completely sure.


I might have to make a new account.




Okay, I'm going to watch some Jaltoid now.


Adios, Selena! Hasta la pasta! >uo





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