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Challenge Blog #7 - SHAME ON ME


I forgot to do a challenge blog on both Saturday AND Sunday. =.=' This may seem weird, but I have less time on the weekends to update then on weekdays. I do chores and hang out with my family then. :P

...My Mickey Mouse plush is mooning me right now O.O It's butt is all in the air like "YEA! THAT'S WHAT YOU GET! THAT'S WHAT YOU GET FOR NOT PLAYING WITH ME ANYMORE! BISH!" XD

I'm just counting down the days until Flipnote 3D comes out. I'm SO excited. A fresh start, multiple colours AND layers... I'll get better and better at animating! I just gotta practice! >:D

And now, here's a random (and lazy) pic of me waving at a cactus. xD





If at first you don't succeed, fail five more times before succeeding.