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Challenge Blog #1 - Ninjago, I'm Addicted

Hello, my fellow assassins! How's it going? o3o

I watched Ninjago again. IT WAS SO EPIC. I forgot how much I love Cole~ <3

I'm so happy! Ninjago is coming back in late 2013 or early 2014! I fangirl'd when I heard that. xP

I have my own Ninjago character, Miyuki. Her 'element' is spirit. It's not exactly an earth element. Her weapon is the bow and arrow, and she's half raccoon because her birth mother left her on some random doorstep. Turned out the people that lived there were cray cray scientists. They put some mutated raccoon DNA in her. xD They ran tests for 4 more years, until she escaped. Then she was found by some really lovely people. They raised her until they both died of diesease. Then, she started living in the trees. Okay, that's ger backstory. :P


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