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Ask Aibreann! :D

Hola, bonjour, ciao, hallo, privet, konnichiwa, ni hao, hej, cześć, hallå, hei, salve, komentari pirvelma, dia duit, HELLO!

...That was unnecessary. xD

Anyways, I was thinking about making a mini series called "Ask Aibreann" it totally rolls off the tongue ;D

It's kinda like a Tumblr thing, but my mom won't let me have a Tumblr yet ;_; Basically, you can ask my Minecraft character questions, an she'll answer! :D I'm not sure if it'll be written or drawn...

Basically, Aibreann (ab-rawn) is my Minecraft persona. She's Irish (as usual) and she can tame creepers. I'll show you a picture of her in my next post. ^_^

Anyways, dats it. BUH BYE!

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