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Hatena's gone

Hey guys, IrishMafia here.

So, Hatena's gone. I checked in this morning, and... it's gone. You can't go to your creator's room or anything.

Now, I'm pissed.

I'm at least 99.9% sure that the only reason Nintendo shut down Hatena is so people will buy a 3Ds so they can get Hatena back.

No, I'm 100% sure.


Now, I have a 3Ds, but even though the 3Ds came out two years ago, some people still don't have it. And I can respect that.

But, Nintendo, YOU JUST CAN'T EXPECT FOR PEOPLE TO GO OUT AND BUY A $200 3Ds. It's not realistic.

So, I'm encouraging all creators to go to a website called Look it up on your DSi browser. You can post flipnotes and comment and everything you could do on Hatena.

Now, I think Flipnote Reborn is still in beta mode, but check it out. And if you want to contact me, my email is

I'm IrishMafia, and thanks for reading my blog.

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