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Daily Challenge Blog #17:

Dia duit, Selena. Conas atá tú?


So, me and my BFF are RPing the music genre thing I told you about in the last entry. We now ship Classical and Dubstep. ClassicStep.




Classical had never really liked the techno upbeat genres, but Dubstep gets on his nerves the most. She's always getting under his skin, like subtly flirting with him or remixing his songs. They had a one night stand in the past, so they always get embarrassed when they see each other.




I'm working on Chapter 3 of Boston Guns now. I hope I'll be able to upload it today. If not today, them maybe Monday. Idk


I'm happy because I'm finally bringing Aedan into the story! :D I'm excited to finally start writing his character. I think I'mma start writing more short stories, too. Probably about the Personifitation Fandom. I'm in the mood for some ClassicStep rn


idk idk idk


It feels nice to be able to blog again. I love it. Typing on a laptop is MUCH easier than on a dingy old Wii U screen.


Speaking of, can you believe the Wii U came out in 2012? hOLY CRAP, 2012 seems so long ago. In a galaxy far, far away.


//shot for Star Wars reference//




It's raining outside.


Sthap raining ;^;


Actually don't. I like the rain.


Wanna see a random pic from my laptop?




Hahaaaaa it's a pic of Hell's Chef from Gregory Horror Show


source btw:


So uh... Yeah.


GHS is the best. Go watch it.






;^; y u do dis


I'mma go now, cause' there's nothing to blog about.


Beannacht, Selena!







If at first you don't succeed, fail five more times before succeeding.