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Short Story! :D

So, this short little story is going to involve personified holidays. Yeah. Keep in mind that I'm not the best writer. You've been warned. ;P


Thanksgiving couldn't handle this. He just couldn't take it.


The current date is November 27th, the day before Thanksgiving. It was a very exciting time for the young holiday. He was rushing around, preparing for the huge feast that he was going to hold the following day. He had the very strong urge to head to a bar and drink to his heart's content like he did almost every year, but he knew that he shouldn't this year.


"No! You simply cannot have a hangover tomorrow! I should look presentable in front of my guests, not a cranky, tired idiot which a splintering headache!" he angrily said to himself, trying to get rid of the foolish thought. 


Yes, tomorrow was a very important day, not only was his holiday tomorrow, and not only was he holding holding a feast with every holiday was invited to, but he would hopefully get noticed. It was his time in the spotlight. Never again would he be looked over.


Yes, tomorrow would be an awesome day.


-~(Timeskip brought to you by Karkat and his obvious black feelings for Dave!)~-


"Oh god, oh god, oh god..."


It was now 5:30 P.M, And everyone was late.


"Did everyone forget? Did they just laugh and ignore my invitation? Did they get lost?" Thanksgiving mumbled to himself, sitting on the couch in a fetal position. Then, he heard a knock at the door.


He practically did a somersault off of the couch and ran to the dooor, fixing his shirt and hair before opening the door.


"Hello~!" Christmas sang, (A/N: Is it sung or sang?! God dangit, I dun remember. >:O) holding up a bowl of her famous cranberry sauce. Standing next to her was Halloween, who had put a bit more effort into his appearence than usual. His hair was messily slicked back, random stands of hair sticking out here and there. He held a plate of blood sausages. 'Typical,' Thanksgiving thought.


"Ah, I'm so glad you guys could make it!" he exclaimed, ushering them in with his hand. "Even though you an hour and a half late," he mumbled.


Halloween's wolf-ears twitched. "Vell, maybe if a certain holiday didn't spend so much time getting ready, ve vouldn't be so late." 


"Hey!" Christmas punched Halloween's shoulder and shot him a glare before turning to Thanksgiving, grinning sheepishly. "Sorry 'bout that. Fashionably late, y'know?"


"Sure," Halloween said under his breath, earning a look from Christmas. "Anyways, when do we eat? I'm STARVING~!" she asked, stretching and sitting down on the couch.


"Not until all of the other holidays show up," Thanksgiving told her, sitting on the couch adjacent to hers. "We have plenty of time to kill. So... You guys want to watch the Macy's parade?" (A/N: I have NO idea when the Macy's parade is held, so please just go with it xD) "Sure!" Christmas replied, picking up the remote and turning the channel.


-~(Another timeskip brought to you by Karkat trying to explain the quadrants to John!)~-


As the last of the holidays piled in to Thanksgiving's house, he became more and more happy. "I can't believe that most of them even showed up~" he hummed, placing the last few plates of food out. Everyone was seated at an abnormally large table, the food spread out beautifully.


"This looks delicious, Thanksgiving!" New Year's suddenly shouted, making Thanksgiving smile. For once, she wasn't drunk off her arse and flirting with him. He mumbled a quiet "thank you," before pulling out the centerpiece of the feast-- the turkey.


As he brought it in, everyone started cheering and applauding, making him blush slightly. He put it on the table and cleared his throat.


"Hello, everyone. I just wanted to thank you all for coming. I honestly thought that no one would come today, but I'm very suprised at how many of you actually came."


"We'd never leave ye hangin'!" Saint Patrick's Day suddenly called out. Thanksgiving grinned at him before continuing.


"I'm so happy. You all are here, feasting with me. I hope you all enjoy the food. Happy Thanksgiving!"


"HAPPY THANKSGIVING!" they all screamed, before they started to serve the food. Thanksgiving sat down in his chair and smiled. This turned out better than he expected. All of the holidays, were right here, celebrating Thanksgiving with him. It didn't matter how big of a holiday he was, or the amount of attention he got. It was about his family. They actually did care for him, and that's all he ever wanted.


He was so thankful.



And there you have it! Man, I'm actually really proud of how this turned out. As always, if there are any grammatical or spelling errors, tell me! Constructive criticism is nice, too. Thanks for reading! Hasta la pasta!



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