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Daily Challenge Blog #13: Breaking News!



*insert cheesy news music here*


Hello, I'm Mealine Notaweirdlastname. Breaking news, We're getting reports that a majestic creature has been spotted in the suburbs of *ERROR: unable to disclose location of such majestic creature*. Here's reporter Bradon Thisistotallylegit.


Thanks, Mealine. The majestic creature was seen in downtown Maryland, riding a bike. She was seen at a local middle school, riding down the path. She was later seen riding in a neighborhood at *ERROR* She was closely following a black truck, the driver and said creature appeared to be talking. There was one witness, *ERROR*, who was sitting on the curb near his house. Here's what he had to say:


"Yeah, I saw the majestic creature. I think the guy in the truck was her dad. She was so majestic, it looked like she was flying. I knew I shouldn't of approached, it probably would've ran away. So majestic."


Thank you, Bradon. If you see this majestic creature anywhere, be sure to contact us at I'm Mealine Notaweirdlastname, and the end happens.


(just to clarify...


that majestic creature was me. xD)

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