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Challenge Blog #8 -MURPHY THE NINJA

Hey Selena >:D

I forgot to post for like, 3 days. /facepalm

I got a new kitty! I can't show you him now, mostly because I'm too lazy to get my laptop xD

His full title is Murphy the Ninja, but his name is Murphy. He's 4 months old and SO KYOOT! KYAAA! ♥

Of course, he'll never replace my brother, Kirby. I miss him soooo much~ /sobs

Oh, and the next chapter of Boston Guns should be posted Monday! Things will start to get good~ I can't wait! You'll finally get to meet him! I won't spoil anything (unless you read that one post when I gave you his name)

And there will be some romance... /eyebrow wiggle

NO LEMONS, THOUGH. I can't even post that here xD

Derp :7

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