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Boston Guns - Chapter 2

Here's chapter two! Sorry it took so long, I've been REALLY lazy lately. Plus, all of this chapter was deleted, and it only saved the FIRST FREAKING SENTENCE.

//sighs I should just get on with it...


When Aisling arrived at the park, she immediately saw Maeve, sitting on a bench just outside the entrance. Taking a bite of her strangely delicious bagel, Aisling walked up to Maeve and tapped her on the shoulder.
"AH! O, hi, Aisling! Ye scared me."
Aisling chuckled. "Sorry, Maeve."
Maeve stood up, clearly excited. "So, where do ye want to go first?"
"I think we should find a good café. I'm still groggy from wakin' up so early..." Aisling glared at her brown-haired friend, but she didn't seem to notice. "Good idea, Ais!" Maeve smiled. She started down the street, accompanied by her slightly-tired best friend.
Aisling and Maeve stood outside a local Starbucks, only a few blocks from the park. It seemed pretty cozy, and the tables were even chessboards, with a little basket of chess pieces on the side. "I think this is the place." Aisling said, Maeve smiling behind her.
As she walked through the door, Aisling's nostrils were filled with the sweet fragrance of coffee, tea, and freshly baked pastries. She moaned in delight, setting her purse down at a table near the window. Maeve sat down, very pleased with this café so far. Aisling pulled her wallet out of her purse, and then turned to Maeve. "So, what do ye want?" she asked. Maeve glanced at the menu hung above the counter before looking back at her friend. "I guess I'll have a latté and some coffee cake." Maeve replied, handing Aisling a ten dollar bill. She nodded and went up to the counter, greeted by a friendly employee.
"Hello, and welcome to Starbucks! May I take your order?"
Aisling smiled. "Yes, I'll have a latté, coffee cake, an expresso, and that's it." she said, eyeing a delicious looking slice of apple pie in the display. The employee smirked and started typing Aisling's order into the cash register. "Are you sure that's it?"
Aisling had a mental debate, but she gave into her sweet tooth's desire. "Fine. I'll have that slice o' delectable yumminess." she pointed to the slice of pie as she handed twenty dollars to the cashier. "I'm a sucker for pie."
The employee laughed and took the twenty dollars, put it in the cash register, and gave Aisling her change and receipt. "Your food will be ready in five to ten minutes." Aisling smiled and thanked the cashier, then walked back to her table and gave Maeve half of her change, who had already set up the chess board. Putting on her 'challenge accepted' face, Aisling sat down and put her wallet in her purse, then turned back to Maeve.
She smirked. "I'm gunna kick your ass."

AND THAT'S IT FOR THIS CHAPTER! I like this one a lot better then the first chapter, mostly because it's longer, and I HAD TO WRITE IT OVER LIKE 3 TIMES. |:U But anyway, I hope you enjoyed! //hugs

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