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Boston Guns - Chapter 1

Hey, so this is the first chapter of my original series, Boston Guns. I hope you enjoy. I'm not the best writer, so please point out any grammatical errors, no matter how small. ^^ Also, the translatins for the Gaelic spoken in this chapter will be at the bottom. Enjoy!

Aisling was getting tired. She had been running for about 10 minutes. She didn't exactly know what she was running from-- it was instinct. The person following her wasn't letting up, either. Just when Aisling's legs started to give in, she felt a quick, sharp pain in her back.
The shadow laughed and walked up to her. It leaned down to her ear and started to whisper...
'My songs know what you did in the dark...'
Aisling jolted awake and almost hit the ceiling of her room. "Ahhh, damn cheap hotel..." she grumbled. Who was calling her so early? It was at least 6:30, and she usually got up at 9. Sh looked over to her nightstand and realized that her obnoxiously loud phone was ringing. With a low groan, she reached over and picked it up, staring at the screen. "Maeve, why are ye callin' me so early, god damnit..." she grumbled to herself, tapping the 'accept' button.
"Dia duit, Maeve..."
"Ah, maidin mhaith, Ais!"
A small smile found its way onto Aisling's face. "Um, if ye don't mind me askin', why are ye calling me so early?"
"Oh!" Maeve giggled a bit. "We were goin' to walk around Boston a bit, remember?"
Aisling's eyes widened. "Cac! I forgot!"
Maeve just laughed. "O' course you did, Aisling! Meet me at the entrance to the park, okay?"
Aisling sighed a bit. "Okay. See ye, then."
"Great! Slán, Aisling!"
Aisling put her phone down and stretched. "Ah, Maeve, can't this wait a hour or two?" she grumbled to herself. Maeve O' Connor had been Aisling Doyle's best friend since they were toddlers. They were originally from Dublin, Ireland, but after they graduated college they both decided to move to Boston, Massachusetts. Well, Maeve was actually a college drop-out. After being nagged and nagged by Aisling, she decided to go back to finish after they moved.
"Maybe we'll run inta' a good college..." Aisling mumbled to herself, pulling on a t-shirt. She brushed her long, brownish-orange hair and tied it up into a ponytail. She grabbed her purse and walked out of her current hotel room, making sure to lock the door. "I hope I can afford that apartment soon."
Aisling walked across the hotel lobby, grabbing a bagel from the kitchen before walking out of the doors. She walked down the busy Boston streets, admiring all of the sights and sounds. This place was WAY more populated than the town she used to live in. "I think I'm gunna like this place." she smiled to herself, continuing down the sidewalk.

That's all I have for now! I really hoped you like this. Sorry it's so short, though. Oh, and here are le translations:
dia duit= hello
maidin mhaith= good morning
cac= s**t
slán= goodbye
Thanks for reading! Hasta la pasta! ^^

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