IrishMafia's Blog. Come in, but be careful. You might get shot.

A random blog about whatever's on my mind at the time. I might even post a fanfiction or two. I try to update daily.


Hey, it's IrishMafia.

So... I forgot to introduce myself, because I'm an idiot. So, I'll do that now.
My name is Mackenzie. I was a FN creator for a year and a half. I had many usernames--

IrishMafia <---- my current one.

I love to draw, and I can fill up a newly bought sketchbook in about a month. I like a lot of animes, but my favourite is HETALIA! I have quite a few OC's for the show, my main one being Maryland (my home state /)=w=(\).

I hate scary stuff, but I have a strange attraction to Lavender Town and Lost Silver. (even though I usually can't sleep after I read an article or watch a video)

I have a major crush on Germany, Russia, China and Japan. They're all so KAWAII! \(>U<)/

I really want to become a famous blogger. It's my dream! I also plan to become a cartoonist and write a manga with my mom. (I know it may sound lame, but she's a really good writer)

So... I suppose that's it. Comment and subscribe. Bye! (oVo)/

If at first you don't succeed, fail five more times before succeeding.